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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we build a home if we are not on Marco Island full time?

OF COURSE! Most of our clients are not here full time. We work with you to handle selections and scheduling and we utilize Cloud based software to keep current photos of your Dream Home available for you to view on a regular basis.

How long has FCI Been building on Marco Island?

We have been building homes on Marco for well over 30 years. Since Gary Beaumont took over FCI in 1993, we have built over 400 homes here, which can be verified by City and County building records.

How long does it take to build an FCI Home?

Our normal timeframe we give to clients is that we ask for 3 months from the time you sign a contract with us to finish plans, prepare engineering and other permit documents and obtain permits to build your home. We ask for 9 months from the time we break ground to complete your home. We normally complete the process faster than this and we would invite you to speak with our past clients about their experiences, or check City of Marco records to see how long we take to build from the date a permit is issued until the date we CO a home.

How much of a deposit do you require and what is your draw schedule like?

When you are ready to sign a contract with us, we only require a $10,000 deposit. This will allow us to prepare full plans, obtain engineering and get everything ready to break ground. We don’t ask for anything more until the City issues your permit to commence construction. Our draw schedule is very flexible and we spread your project over 7-8 draws, depending on if your home is an inland home or a waterfront home.

Are there any hidden fees or costs after we sign a contract?

We work very hard to provide you a proposal that does not include extras or hidden fees. Some other builders provide only an allowance for things such as fill dirt, site work, permit fees, impact fees, underground work, etc. We include all of those fees in our cost to build so there are no surprises.

What if we are building a home on pilings?

We include a piling allowance on piling lots to include 16’ pilings. Many of our homes do not exceed the allowance. We seek the advice of our pilings contractor during the planning phase to get an idea of possible piling depths for your lot. We provide this information to you before you sign a contract, so there are no large surprises once we sign a contract and commence construction.

Do you have former clients we could speak with about their experience with FCI Homes?

ABSOLUTELY! We would be happy to give you a list of names of former clients you could make contact with to hear about why they chose FCI Homes over other builders, what their experience was like during the selection process and during construction and also what their experience was with the closing of the house, punch list completion and how we handled any warranty issues.

Do you have any websites to obtain helpful information or for trusted referrals?