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There is a lot that goes into building a home that lasts.  FCI takes pride in some of the many things that set our company and owners apart from other builders:


Decades of Local Homebuilding Experience

FCI has been building homes on Marco Island since 1993 and we have built over 400 homes here alone, verified by City and County records. Although others may claim they have built hundreds or thousands of homes in the area, very few in fact have. We have built more homes on Marco than nearly every other active builder.

Hands On Owners

Jason Bailey and Gary Beaumont both have decades of construction experience that include hands on experience in several trades. We can address problems that come up and our experience

Contractor Licenses Held By Owners

Both Jason and Gary hold one or more State of Florida Contractor Licenses. This is something you should insist on when choosing your builder. There are many issues that can arise IF the Owners are not the license holders when building your home.

Active Involvement By Owners

We are actively involved in the entire process from client meetings, to drawing our own plans, to supervising the jobs daily. We don’t just sell you a house and move on – you’ll see us working on projects and even sweeping or picking up trash. The best way to know your Dream Home is for us to be actively working on it all the time.

Quality Through Consistency

We use the same high-quality and established subcontractors on our jobs – we are not searching for the low bidder unlicensed subcontractor who might not be around next month or next year.

We also believe that there are several things we do standard on our homes that make for a stronger, safer and more beautiful home. This translates into peace of mind and high resale value for decades. Here are just a handful of the things we do on our FCI Homes:

  • We use dual glazed and insulated glass on our windows and sliders. This is another upgrade for other builders that is several thousand dollars.
  • We utilize a crack suppression membrane on our floors before tile installation. This minimizes the chances that any cracks in the slab will damage the tile in your home.
  • We pour concrete decks on our pool area prior to installation of pavers. Another upgrade of several thousand dollars, this prevents settling on the deck in the future.
  • We include a “Picture-Frame” style screen cage as standard for all of our homes. Some builders include only fencing as a part of their standard home package.